Experience and expertise

 in support of the energy transition

Created in 2007 by Jean-Christophe Kerdelhué, NW Groupe is a French enterprise recognized for its expertise in the development of photovoltaic and wind power systems, especially in the overseas territories, and it is also a pioneer in electricity storage in France since 2018.

0 MW
of renewable energy capacity in service
0 MW
of renewable energy capacity in development
0 MW
deployed by 2022 in energy storage

NW Energy – develops and constructs renewable energy production systems.

NW Joules – a pioneer in the development of electricity storage infrastructure.

NW Tech – assures the construction of the J Box and the operation-maintenance of systems used for the energy transition.

NW Groupe has developed its own expertise that combines respect for the territories with the constant search for innovation at the service of the environment.

NW Groupe is determined to fight against global warming and its dramatic consequences.

As a recognized player in the energy transition and in the development of clean energy, NW Groupe uses its experience and credibility to support ambitious projects in order to fully participate in the increasingly important renewable electricity production and in the stability of power grids.